William K.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, McMaster University

F&B Business / SCM / CRM

  • Management: Improved leadership and responsibility by developing relationship and mediating disputes between head office, co-workers, customers and suppliers. Implemented successful customer relationship management and increased total sales over 30% before managed.
  • Marketing & Sales: Planned and conducted social network marketing by Facebook, weekly media advertisement by TV and newspaper.
  • Inventory Control: Developed inventory management and purchasing procedure with analyzing market trend and implementing computerized system for demand control. Successfully controlled over 30,000 SKUs and 70 suppliers with accurate inventory level to minimize risk of over and under stocking. Also, forecasted and decided weekly promotions.
  • Data Management: Planned, implemented and launched new POS and computerized systems to analyze and organize a statistics, ordering system and inventory control easier and faster.
  • Accounting: Recorded and summarized business and financial transactions and analyzed, verified and reported the results to head office, such as deposit cash and cheques, payment to suppliers, payroll, and daily reports.
  • Retail Operations: Managing, planning, directing, and evaluating daily operations of the business, such as supervising the staff, answering customer inquiries, and liaising with our many suppliers